Sunday in Outer Blogness: Freedom and Sunstone Edition!

The big news this week is on freedom and private vs. public space: Apparently Salt Lake City sold part of Main Street to the CoJCoL-dS, and now we’re learning what that means. A a gay couple was detained by security and handcuffed for a kiss on the cheek on church property. The story is told from the horse’s mouth (hat tip MoHoHawaii), and was covered in the paper here. As a follow-up, we have a partial transcript of the diversity training workshop at the COB and Dissenting in Part admits to kissing on temple square and claims to have photographic evidence of it.

(Of course this incident is nothing compared to the many ways that political correctness is keeping the white Christian man down!)

Then we have a couple of ghost stories. Brent compares the Holy Ghost to Scooby Doo, while Markus insists the Holy Ghost is more like Casper. You decide! And speaking of the dead, Sideon is taking bets on how long it will be before Michael Jackson is baptized — and if you think that would be disrespectful, keep in mind that he’s already being carved in butter.

On to lifestyles. John gives us the top ten reasons to go vegetarian — can you think of any others? On a related note, Kerfuffler gives a graphic picture of our consumption habits. Flygirl tells us how much more fabulous the adult singles dating scene is now that she’s left the church. Aerin contemplates dealing with cultural expectations of how you’re supposed to feel. Andrew has a spirited discussion on whether being a part of Mormon culture stamps a person for life. And Sabayon asks: What would you tell a couple that’s giving up their baby for adoption by a Mormon couple?

Then there’s the Sunstone Symposium!!! I hope you will all be there! You’ll get to see some folks you may recognize: Holly will be presenting on Johnny Lingo, Twilight, and the concept of divine malfeasance; I’ll be on a panel (about bridging stereotypes through blogging) with Biv, Jana, fMh Lisa, and mfranti; and Chris C. Smith will be presenting on the Mormon themes in the work of Orson Scott Card!

And — last but certainly not least — Hellmut’s pledge drive to help a boy recover from burn wounds was successful! Thanks to all who contributed!!!


C. L. Hanson is the friendly Swiss-French-American ExMormon atheist mom living in Switzerland! Follow me on mastadon at or see "letters from a broad" for further adventures!!

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  1. aerin says:

    It’s unfortunate I’ll miss the presentation on Johnny Lingo – one of my all-time *favorite* films (gag). Both panels sound fascinating.

  1. July 26, 2009

    […] That’s it for this week. I’m very sorry that I’ve been MIA from the Internet lately, but on the bright side my project is going well, and my blogging efforts will kick back into high gear soon as I prepare for Sunstone! […]

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