Midweek Mormon Reddit Gazette 2010-W16
LGBT POV: Mormons to Honor National Organization for Marriages Orson Scott Card in DC Saturday (r/lgbt)

Good As You: When you care enough to overthrow the very best: BYU group picks staggeringly anti-equality Card (r/religion)

For anyone in the DC area: There’s the possibility emerging of a direct action in response to this event. If picketing is your thing, pls drop me a note in comments. No protest, but incredibly enough, Bill Marriott himself showed up to hear Orson Scott Card speak and apparently gave the evening a thumbs up.

  • r/ReligionInAmerica: Mormonism, a movement that began with an outdoorsy prophet who led the Latter-day Saints to a unique Center Place in North America is now managed by a global corporation that manufactures generic, fungible, sacred space with plush carpeting and upholstery. That seems about as American as it gets.
  • As designed by church architects, the mini-temples accord to standard floor plans and contain standard furnishings. From a certain angle, they are not so different from hotel conference centers. The sacred temples are sealed off from natureno sunlit windows or fresh-air conduits.

  • r/exmormon: LDS church has called 2,500 missionaries to fight porn and sex addiction
  • One man confessed that he knew he had a lifelong fight ahead of him because the devil would sometimes get the best of him and force him to watch porn and masturbate.

  • r/exmormon: US Boys Scouts and the LDS Church conspired to cover up child abuse
  • Timur Dykes, acknowledged in early 1983 that he had abused 17 Boy Scouts. But despite the admission to a bishop for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which sponsored the Scout troop, Dykes continued to associate with [Kerry Lewis] and other Scouts. Lewis parents did not learn the truth about Dykes until a police officer made a routine traffic stop during a camping trip and discovered that Dykes had a record, and arrested him in front of Lewis and other boys.

  • r/atheism: The Book of Mormon/YouTube Challenge
  • Please keep in mind though, while it is ideal that this video be promoted to the [YouTube] homepage, it is the spirit felt from the message wherein the success lies.

  • r/atheism: Take the Pharyngula/YouTube challenge: Suggest your fave atheist/science video
  • Leave some suggestions in the comments here for a great godless pro-science video that we can promote. I’ll pick one and announce it on the evening of 2 May, and we’ll send the horde there to uprate and promote it …

  • r/religion: Do Mormons understand that stunts like this make them look like the world’s preeminent astroturfing cult?
  • “What’s YouTube?” “Where do I go to watch?” “Please don’t send me any more Mormon spam.” That’s what happens when a fairly small group of people sends [Facebook] invitations to 250,000 of their closest friends and family.

  • r/lgbt: This Saturday is Youth Pride Day in DC. The Mormons arrive that evening to honor Orson Scott Card with their homophobe-of-the-year award.
  • The BYU Management Society DC Chapter is proud to announce the Annual Gala Dinner honoring Orson Scott Card … Mr. Card will receive the chapter’s distinguished public service award and will deliver keynote remarks about his views on ethical leadership today and his experiences as a prominent member of the literary and academic communities.

    Coming up next week … Bill Marriott puts in a personal appearance at BYUMS-DC award night for raging homophobe Orson Scott Card? From a live tweet from the BYUMS-DC dinner: The organizer’s wife just got a thumbs up from Bill Marriott at the BYU management society dinner.

    This same Bill Marriott: “Neither I, nor the company, contributed to the campaign to pass Prop 8.”

    As far as I know, the Marriott hotel business enjoys a perfect HRC rating. And Bill certainly made an effort to distance himself and his company from the Prop 8 campaign (after polls had closed).

    What did you think of Orson Scott Card’s speech, Bill? Two thumbs up?

    Chino Blanco

    --- We are men of action, lies do not become us. ---

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    5 Responses

    1. Measure says:

      For some reason, I love the idea of a weekly summary of mormonism on reddit. Thanks for the post, Chino!

    2. Hellmut says:

      I guess child sex abuse ain’t an exclusively Catholic problem. The real problem isn’t celibacy but an uneven distribution of power.

    3. Seth R. says:

      Someone in my ward sent me a Facebook invitation to participate in the Book of Mormon YouTube challenge.

      Alas, I’ll be out of town with my wife celebrating our tenth anniversary. So I’ll have to skip it.

      One of you guys can feel free to watch Jeffrey R. Holland’s testimony in my place though.

    4. Chino Blanco says:

      Measure – Feel free to leave suggestions. My plan is to limit MMORG to headlines and happenings. Folks looking for original mo/x-mo writing can look elsewhere or wait until Sunday. Admittedly, what I’m mostly looking to do is rein in my annoyingly peripatetic online habits by assigning myself a box called MMORG.

      Hellmut – I blame it all on the NWG (New World Gerontocracy). It’s not only TSCC, it’s the RCC, it’s the USA, EU, and Japan. Something’s gotta give before the Millennials go all Logan’s Run on us.

      Seth R. – Slacker.

    5. Rich Brown says:

      “From a certain angle, they [mini-temples] are not so different from hotel conference centers.”

      While visiting the St. Louis temple during its open house a few years back, the first thought that came to mind was, “This has got to be THE nicest funeral home I’ve ever been in!” That thought was subsequently reaffirmed when visiting the Boston temple a few years later. But I must say I much preferred the “modern,” reconstructed Nauvoo temple, in part because it wasn’t a clone of the other two.

      Full disclosure: As a member of the Community of Christ, I’m partial to our own temples in Independence, Missouri, and Kirtland, Ohio.

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